1. Bragging Rights (feat. Willow Hawks)

  2. Brain On Snacks
    Katy Rea

  3. Back To Manhattan
    Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts

  4. Deadline by Timothy Dark
    Timothy Dark

  5. Desert Sun
    American Fever

  6. You by Nicole Bus
    Nicole Bus

  7. Whenever I Need
    The Come On

  8. Bother
    Sister Wolf

  9. Try To Be Joyful
    Jeffrey Lewis and the Deposit Returners

  10. Babies
    Pinc Louds

  11. Not Black Enough

  12. Long Braids in Her Hair
    Stephen Artemis

  13. Don't Bail
    Brian Speaker

  14. Tidal Wave
    Hoepfner, Campbell and Grimm

  15. Little Sail Boat
    Barry Bliss

  16. WRECK
    Katy Rea

  17. Seven Sleepers by bOO hOO
    bOO hOO

  18. Let's Rewind by The Falling Birds
    The Falling Birds

  19. Ugly Baby Swan *remix

  20. New York Times
    Bodega Dream

  21. Drive
    Boo Hoo

  22. Ruins

  23. Aokigahara
    The Fem Doms

  24. Alarm
    Ken South Rock

  25. Make Light of This Light
    Samuel Barron

  26. Four Walls
    DK & The Joy Machine


  28. Syretia
    Crazy & The Brains

  29. Gleam Black
    Jagged Leaves

  30. Celestial Heaven
    Brook Pridemore

  31. Forgot About Rock 'n' Roll
    Kung Fu Crimewave

  32. A Still, Small Voice
    Three Thousand Rivers

  33. Sarah Smile
    Al Calderon

  34. Indian Summer
    The Everybody Knows

  35. The Happiest Man in the World
    Hamell on Trial

  36. Mexico feat. Adam Green
    Crazy and the Brains feat. Adam Green

  37. Longwood Avenue
    Barry Bliss

  38. Antifolk Antifolk (Wall of Sound)
    Beef & Jerky

  39. Flicker
    TIm Hopkins

  40. Tiger (low-fi)
    Cannonball Statman

  41. The Mars Chronic
    Brian Speaker

  42. The Watchman
    Bird To Prey

  43. Manwhores of Bushwick
    Buffie Roseanne

  44. Waiting Place by Amateur Blonde

  45. Tell Your Friends
    A Brief View Of The Hudson

  46. They Hung Her On The Deck by M Lamar
    Reginald M Lamar

  47. Who Do You Give Your Money To
    Thomas Patrick Maguire


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